Ice-cream? Get that thing away from me!!

You know, this ad really was the tipping-point for me when I was thinking of setting up a platform where we could all share ads and air our views freely. It seems like the essence of advertising, somehow… Good, bad, ugly? Certainly effective, if we want the name of the brand to stick.

People I’ve shown it to tend to have similar responses. Generally speaking, men look puzzled then uncomfortable; women throw themselves off to the side shrieking “That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen”; and a few of us non-binaries find it amusing. What do you make of it? Feel free to head over to ADDS  to vote and tell us what you think!

Little Baby’s Ice-Cream has other ‘disturbing’ ads – notably the one of a person digging a spoon into his own head, which is made of ice-cream, and eating it. Based in Philadelphia, USA, they sound like a nice outfit, with recyclable tubs, community warmth, and flavours like Chocolate Salt Malt. Here’s their story in their own words.



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