“How sad it was, this life,
And oh!
How we laughed!”
Tree Elven

“Sure I can tell you what happened. Hell, I had a ringside seat. I was close enough to smell the sweat and see their crazy eyes rolling. I don’t just tell you what happened. I give you why.”

Extract from El Golpe/The Punch, by Tree Elven.

I write fiction to entertain, and describe my style as profoundly superficial. You’ll think you are reading a normal story but it gradually mutates into the (sometimes very) unexpected.


I’ve had the privilege of working with international flamenco stars Clara Ramona, Isaac de los Reyes, Dani Doña, Nino de los Reyes and Olga Pericet to bring my poetry off the page and onto the stage in unique theatre fusions.

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